Dictatorship is not better than democracy

Dictatorship and democracy are two concepts with numerous views and differences the first is not ideal for a society which seeks free press, human rights and equality the second is, even though many facets have to be taken into account. Democracy: a look at the fundamental differences the following article deals with the dictatorship vs democracy debate read on to know which is a better form of government and why. She said that democracy isn't the best form of government, but it is better than most and some said that dictatorships were more efficient i tended to agree that democracy was the best form, with a federal government.

dictatorship is not better than democracy Voice trump isn’t sure if democracy is better than autocracy america's president is voluntarily abdicating one of the country's biggest strategic advantages.

Some people also believe that anything is better than despotism the era was marked by the confrontation between western democracy and socialist dictatorship: the opposite of dictatorship was. This house would rather have a strong dictatorship than a weak democracy pros of having a dictatorship include: no elections, imagine not having to deal with all the political rhetoric, you already have your leader for life. It is not possible to know the answer to this for sure, but it is likely that democracies are more efficient in some ways and dictatorships are more efficient in others it is certainly the case.

Democracy is said to be a better form of government it is the government of the people as distinguished from the government of an individual or of a class of people it makes all the citizens interested in the affairs of the country by sending their representatives in legislatures. Democracy vs benevolent dictatorship which is why more often than not, elected government officials belong to and uphold the interest of the majority, as oppose to the minority at the end of the day humans are not perfect and thus no political system is, but some system are better than others nevertheless, democracy, can. A dictatorship is an authoritarian form of government, characterized by a single leader or group of leaders with either no party or a weak party, little mass mobilization, and limited political pluralism according to other definitions, democracies are regimes in which those who govern are selected through contested elections therefore dictatorships are not democracies. A dictatorship could work better than a democracy assuming the dictator is a good person and cares about their people and country many people argue that the reason a democracy would work better than a dictatorship is because the people have a say about their leader but this could be one democracies biggest flaw. Why democracy is better than dictatorship flavius-cristian mărcău phd student democracy is not only a system of government, it is a system of rights these rights opportunities better than any other political system, namely freedom of choice, but those.

Why is dictatorship better than democracy although it may sound foreign to many living in the western world, not all people have historically believed that democracy is the best form of government advocates for dictatorship or similar systems often argue that democracy is unreliable, particularly. Democracy is better because you are free to do whatever you want within a country examples are: canada, the united states of america, sweden, most of the caribbean, and most of the world. Democracy is better than a monarchy because it gives the people power to determine how they want to be governed and by whom a monarchy basically gives power to a single person who rules for his or her entire life before a change of leadership can occur. In this way, it can be claimed that dictatorship is sometimes better than democracy but it should be right kind of dictatorship and in right amount it should be a benevolent dictator and dictatorship, in due course of time, must follow the democracy.

Dictatorship is not better than democracy

Democratic government is considered better than dictatorship because of many reasons 1) it promotes equality among citizens 2) it enhances the dignity of the individual. In pakistan’s case it is true that dictatorship is better than democracy it is a shame on the part of politicians they did not deliver to what they promised. First, history indicates that the combination of political, civil and economic freedom is a better guarantee of ever-increasing prosperity than a capitalist dictatorship.

  • Dictatorship has many drawbacks but the fact is that dictatorship government always performed better than democratically government because dictatorship has practical approach to solving problem instead of focusing on paper work.
  • Democracy might be inefficient at times, but it has the utmost regard for procedure, which ensures fair decisions in the longer run.
  • Dictatorship vs democracy in terms of governance and operational reformation, there are lots of striking differences between a pure democracy and its other end which is popularly known as a dictatorship in short, it is just about the distribution of power and who holds that power.

Principle of democracy –the source of the authority of government is a fundamental principle of democracythe political equality of all citizens is an essential principle of democracy india is the biggest and one of the most important democratic country in the world. The average democracy is better than the average non-democracy i'd wager that the average democracy is not as good to live in as the best-functioning non-democracy is the best democracy better than the best non-democracy. While democracy works well in small settings, it fails utterly beyond a certain point on a national level, democracy is just stealth dictatorship by the media oligarchy, since a handful of media moguls control the national discourse and the agenda for elected politicians. But to believe oneself free, even when one is not, is always better than to know oneself to be a slave, and to accept slavery as something just and inevitable democracy is a lie, it is oppression and is in reality, oligarchy that is, government by the few to the advantage of a privileged class.

dictatorship is not better than democracy Voice trump isn’t sure if democracy is better than autocracy america's president is voluntarily abdicating one of the country's biggest strategic advantages. dictatorship is not better than democracy Voice trump isn’t sure if democracy is better than autocracy america's president is voluntarily abdicating one of the country's biggest strategic advantages.
Dictatorship is not better than democracy
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